Raymond Brown Waste Solutions Visit Longparish Little School

Raymond Brown Waste Solutions visited Longparish Little School in Andover this week to talk to the children about the importance of recycling and the effects on the environment.

Lindsey Dryden, Site Manager from the A303 Material Recovery Facility, dressed in her PPE (protective clothing) and explained her role within the business, also giving the children an understanding of the importance of being seen and safe on site.  Some of the children were able to try on the safety glasses, gloves and hard hats and Lindsey even let the children stand on her boots so that they had understanding of the protection they provide.

The children were provided with cardboard hands to colour in and they designed a tree from different materials, which the hands were stuck to.  The tree is displayed on the wall of the Little School as a reminder of the visit.

Lindsey commented: “I had a lovely time speaking to the children of Longparish Little School and explaining all about recycling to them and my role within the business.  They were all very interested in my PPE, especially the hard hat, gloves and glasses and enjoyed trying them on!  We then had lots of fun colouring in hands to stick onto a very colourful tree.”