Raymond Brown Commence Residual Waste Diverted for RDF Processing

Raymond Brown Waste Solutions has commenced a new contract with Oakleaf Recycling to supply over 3,000 tonnes of our residual waste which they will convert into Refuse Derived Fuel for energy production. Raymond Brown is proud to be one of the first customers for Oakleaf’s new state-of-the-art recovery facility, near Heathrow airport.

The resulting deal comes as the landfill tax charge in England was raised to £86.10 on 1st April 2017 and will rise again next year to £88.95. When adding in landfill gate fees and transport costs, this has driven disposal costs over recent years to levels in excess of £110 per tonne.

Over the years, Raymond Brown have invested heavily into our recycling capabilities to maximise recovery rates and minimise the volumes of waste sent to landfill. This new agreement is anticipated to half those volumes sent to landfill in 2017-18 from our A303 Materials Recovery facility.

Adam Murnieks, Managing Director commented: “This is a huge step forward towards our vision of achieving zero waste to landfill. We will continue maximising the opportunities to increase the volumes of residual waste which we can divert for RDF processing, so that we can maximise recycling rates for our customers and mitigate the impacts of rising landfill costs.”