Investment in new Fines Clean Up Plant whilst striving to achieve zero to landfill

Raymond Brown Waste Solutions have invested in a Fines Processing Plant for our A303 Materials Recovery Facility in Barton Stacey.

The new plant will ensure that we can recover the 10-25mm stone, metal and light material such as wood and polystyrene from our trommel fines material.

This plant investment will result in a reduction of c6,000 tonnes of material being sent to landfill over the next year.

The fines will be loaded into the Proflow DST which incorporates a 10mm screen, magnet and an air separator.

The 10 – 25mm materials will pass through air separation unit technology to separate the light and heavy materials.  The heavies will be recycled into 6F5 crushed with the light material recycled for use as solid recovered fuel.  The magnet will recover over 200 tonnes of ferrous metals per year.

The smaller fines, that are under 10mm in size, will now be the only fines sent to landfill, significantly improving recycling rates for the business.