At Raymond Brown, we supply Eco’s top quality Supersoil which is available for collection at our Southampton Tip & Collect Recycling Centre. Price per tonne starts at £30 + VAT.

With a 70:30 blend, a combination of recycled soil and Pas100 organic matter is mixed and screened to a 10mm size.

This is a premium quality soil with a 70:30 blend of recycled soil and Pas100 organic matter, blended and screened to 10mm. The end result in a high quality, BS3882:2007 compliant enriched topsoil.

Ideal for landscaping, turfing and planting aspirations, this nutrient-rich soil is easy to use and maintain.

Technical Information
The Eco SuperSoil consists of topsoil enriched with matured peat-free compost made from composted botanical residues. Graded particles are no larger than 4mm with a substantial amount of organic fines, pH is around 7-8.5. The product is free of viable weed seeds and pathogens and has not be treated with any additives.

Screened Soil
At Raymond Brown Waste Solutions, we also offer a more financially effective screened soil which has been put through a Screener, removing any stones, weeds and other material that are 20mm or above. It is commonly used in large areas of landscaping, flower beds and rockeries.

Please visit our Southampton Recycling Facility to request samples of either soils.